NodeBalance features

Deploy new cloud instances within 60 seconds.

100% SSD Powered

To offer the almost instant deployment of new services, and keep a high standard. All our cloud super nodes are completely based on SSD storage. Your instance will not suffer from any bottlenecks, and you will greatly appriciate the extra speed when working with large databases, websites, caching etc.

DDoS Protection

As one of the few in the business, we have access to some extra fat pipes and extremely customized filtering methods, that means we can provide DDoS protection on services like websites, Game servers, Voice Servers and much more. Your traffic patterns are monitored to make sure that in the case of an attack the mitigation time is almost instant.

Custom Cloud Panel

Our fully custom billing and cloud panel coded in house, means we got to decide the look and feel, speed and performance. The layout is simple, easy to understand and allow you to secure your account using 2-way verification using an app on your phone.

Simple billing

Our billing system for cloud servers is based upon a credit system. You add credit to your account, and can instantly deply new services and scale high avalibility infrastructure at the touch of a button. Cloud instances are charged per hour they run, and you can setup automatic recharge, warnings on low credit etc.